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Sorry all for neglecting my website.

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Hi All .. I've FINALLY been making an effort to rebuild my 'Charlie Dawson' website.. AGAIN.

For the moment, I've eliminated my 'Videos' page. The company I had been using for a number of years to host all my videos started pulling down videos (not mine) that they didn't like for political reasons. That's the great thing about America, we have always had freedom of speech and the right to make our own choices - so far.

If you are visiting from LSP, please check out the LSP 'Vintage Album' !!

2 hozzászólás

Hi Charlie! Looking to see more of you on your site!


I ran across a cassette from the Stardancer - you made it a fun trip. I will never forget you singing on the deck above and me playing down below to the Unicorn Song!

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