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These songs are from Sound Cloud and mostly from an album that I recorded in my home studio back in the early 1980's called 'Facin' The Wind'  Most of the songs were written by myself and songwriting partner from Lexington, KY Clint Land. 


I wrote Sacramento Valley in the mid 1970's while traveling with the 'New Folk Trio' on our way from the 'Emerald Isle' in Chicago to a month long stand at the 'Irish Cultural Center' in San Francisco.  We had been driving all night.  As the sun came up and we crossed over the glistening snow caped peaks of the Sierra's, the beautiful green valley of California lit up brightly in the morning sun.

On another cross country trip from Lubbock Texas to do a performance After listening to the Merle Haggard album 'Chill Factor', I wrote Ashes To Ashes at a motel stop somewhere in the Arizona desert. I sat along the highway at a picnic bench and scribbled it down.  I wanted to write a song that I might be able to pitch to him someday.  I still feel it's one of the best work I've done.  Like many of the recordings, they were done on an early home studio recorder.  It was a TASCAM Model 38 reel to reel 8 track, and mixed down to a TASCAM Model 32 track..  Quite nice equipment for the day. 

MORE song stories to come.

Sacramento Valley - Charlie Dawson

The Reason is the Ride - Charlie Dawson & Clint Land

Ashes to Ashes - Charlie Dawson

Nothing at All - Charlie Dawson & Clint Land

I'm So Tired of Being a Cowboy - Pat Horine

Wrangler - Charlie Dawson & Clint Land

Nobody Like You - Greg Austin

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