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Charlie Dawson

Charlie Dawson


Welcome everyone!  

What am I doing these days?

I am retired.   When the Covid Pandemic began, I stopped performing live Shows and started creating music videos for senior facilities and some hospitals.  These days I am spending much of my time at our lake house on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee in Gilford, New Hampshire.  Here's a link to my personal weather station at the lake:  Charlie's Lake Shore Park Weather .  The almost year long repairs, renovation and upgrades have almost finished and we are enjoying our new addition.  The weather has been fantastic and the lake water has been very warm.  I bought a new Pedego E-Bike and a new beach chair.  Need I say more?


Will I be performing again?


Due to a death in my family this past year, and in addition to the COVID situation,  I have not been back to any live shows or creating any new videos at this time.  I hope to get back to creating new entertainment videos again for those who are elderly.  This summer I have been doing children's shows every Monday morning in our beautiful lakeside pavilion at Lake Shore Park.   

What about my tours to Ireland and Scotland ?

Sadly, due to the world wide pandemic situation, our tours have not been running to Ireland ..  Brack Tours is back running their wonderful tours, it's just that we have not scheduled one again (yet).  We have tentatively a 10 day tour in October 2023.   Things are coming back. 


BrackTours is back running many tours so you may want to check out their website at: for the latest information. My good friend, Brian Corcoran, will also be running excellent tours throughout the Summer and Fall.

Thanks so much for visiting !!

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